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Monday, September 14 2015

It's not often that manufacturers actually LOWER their prices, but Crackshot -- manufacturers of the Snake Guardz and Snake Chapz  snake gaitersbrands -- have done just that!  Starting today, the best selling Snake Guardz are now only $58.95 -- lowered from $71.95! The Chaps (both regular and full protection) have decreased in price as well.  Sandy, Sales Representative for Crackshot, recently provided this blog post regarding their patented products that come with a LIFETIME warranty:

“It is just plastic covered with fabric, right?”

As I write, I wonder and search for ways to reach and communicate with individuals. People need to be informed before purchasing a product that could save your life versus purchasing a product that merely provides a false sense of security.

Instead of following up on the many positive reviews of our products, I chose to elaborate on this one.  I saw this comment in a review of Crackshot Snake Guardz™, and felt compelled to respond in order to educate folks on the extensive testing that goes into Crackshot Corporation products.  Our products are made with 900 and 1000 Denier Nylon or 600 Polyester materials which have a DWR coating for water resistance and so fang venom does not soak into the material.

snake chapsThe inserts are not “just plastic”. They are polycarbonate and acrylic inserts that have been puncture tested and are snake proof (versus “resistant”).

Our products have been puncture tested based on ASTM F1342.05 with no penetration during the testing to this standard. In layman’s terms, tested to this standard, this specification would stop a blast from a 12 gauge shotgun at 11 yards. The shotgun used in the experiment was a Remington Model 1187, 28” barrel and full choke. The ammunition was 3-1-8 lead shot load by Remington. NO PENETRATION from the shotgun blast occurred at 11 yards.

Now, I am certainly not saying to use our products as bullet protection but am attempting to explain that Crackshot Corp. products are much more than “just plastic covered with fabric”. When it comes to saving your life, do you want top of the line, proven and tested snake protection or just the false sense of security at the cheaper price? What is a life worth?

Stay safe in those snake infested areas at work and play. Browse snake gaiters here.

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