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Turtleskin Chaps

TurtleSkin Snake Chaps

These flexible, protective snake chaps are hand made in the United States, and built to last for years. Weighing only about 2 pounds, which is about a third of the weight of other snake chaps, the Turtleskin premium brand is the lightest and softest snake chaps on the market. For hunters and hikers looking for snakebite protective apparel, you've found the most popular choice for avid outdoorsmen amd women.  The SnakeArmor used in these Chaps is made from high performance textiles. This textile design offers a super lightweight and flexible feel. If you are struck by a venomous snake, the venom will not penetrate. Comfortable to wear all year round — not too hot or heavy to wear during warmer months. Also are wind and water resistant, making them a great option to wear during wet or colder seasons. They not only protect against venomous snakebites, but these Chaps are durable enough to hold up against heavy brush or briars. Especially ideal for hiking or hunting through a heavily wooded area.  Keep yourself dry if you’re walking through an area with wet grass or if it’s a rainy day.

Here's what customers have to say:

"These are the best chaps money can buy. I am a photographer and a very active gal. I take pictures of snakes and bugs. I also enjoy picking blackberries. In blackberries you have to protect yourself from both thorns and snakes. These chaps are light as a feather; I can run in them."

"I live in the Northeastern part of North Carolina very near the Roanoke River basin. In the area I frequent our most common poisonous snakes are the copperhead and the cottonmouth moccasin, both snakes are known to be unpredictable and dangerous. The season for a potential encounter with a snake can run from mid March to the end of November.  For years I wore snake boots for protection and never felt really comfortable about my feet and legs. Eight years ago a good friend recommended TurtleSkin Snake Chaps. I took his advice and purchased a pair. I have no regrets. They have stood up to swamps, thickets, briars, cut overs, and anything I have gone through. In season I wear them hours at a time three to five days a week.  For peace of mind outdoors there is no choice in my opinion but TurtleSkin SnakeArmor Chaps."

Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

VERY LIMITED SIZES/COLORS. Email to check availability before ordering.  Below-the-Knee snake protection; fabric above the knee keeps your pants dry and clean.

Reg. Price:
Sale Price:

VERY LIMITED SIZES/COLORS. Email to check availability before ordering. Total snake protection from ankle to thigh. Ideal for hunters.

    Up to $99.99 = $10.95
    $100 - $199.99 = $12.95
    $200 or more = $14.95
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